Bauhaus at SVT Antikmagasinet.

February 13, 2023

Bauhaus at SVT Antikmagasinet - Swedish National Broadcasting.

The architect and design professor Kersti Sandin Bülow and auctioneer Knut Knutsson in a studio talk about the Bauhaus School, its architecture and furniture design. Click the link to view the full episode on SVTPlay.  Sandin Bülow, the founder of the Museum of Furniture Studies, points out the important role that Bauhaus played in the development of the modern design paradigm. How the methods used in education reflect how to design universities still work today. Referring to the museum´s present exhibition Female Traces it´s interesting to find that the Bauhaus did not allow female students to take the 3-dimensional design classes. Instead, women were encouraged to study graphics and textile design, which was judged more suitable.  The museum´s collection contains some Bauhaus objects designed in the 1920s, and shows their influence on the furniture design of today. Welcome to visit us on Saturdays- Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

Designer of the month
Hans J. Wegner

Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner created over 500 pieces of furniture and was instrumental in the spread of Scandinavian design as an international concept. the Peacock Chair and the Ox Chair are two of Wegner’s most well-known pieces.

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