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2ND of APRIL 2022 to 29th of MAY 2022

How can a museum measure its visitors’ reactions to the exhibited objects? Is it possible?

How can a museum measure its visitors’ reactions to the exhibited objects? Is it possible? And if so, would it be important for the development of the museums coming displays and activities? We asked ourselves those questions and decided to try to do a survey and curate an exhibition about the results we found. In addition to open-minded conversations with visitors, we believed that the broader answer could be found via social media.

Since its start in 2018, the Museum of Furniture Studies has consistently posted design objects from the collection on Instagram at 8 pm every night. To date we have posted over 900 objects, randomly selected. The exhibition “Likes Matter” shows the followers’ reactions in the form of likes. It presents a top-100 list of the most liked objects for four years, from 2018 to 2021.

As coincidences often control our reactions this can be a superficial way of measuring popularity, but it can still indicate the type of furniture that attracts an audience on social media today. As we see it the exhibition’s top list contains some unexpected priorities.

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November 21,2019
founder honoured at the gala:
Kersti Sandin Bülow

Founder honoured at the Architects Sweden Gala 2022.

Architects Sweden, Sveriges Arkitekter, is the collective trade union and professional organisation for all architects in Sweden. On April the 7th, the association held its big event “Arkitekturgalan 2022” in various places across the country.

In Stockholm, Kulturhuset was the venue for the live-streamed event. During the event, Möbeldesignmuseum’s co-founder Kersti Sandin Bülow was awarded the title “Honorary Member of Architects Sweden”. She is honoured for her important long-lasting contributions to the development of Swedish furniture design and interior architecture in various professional roles.

From the jury’s assessment: “In all rooms where Kersti Sandin Bülow has stepped in, she has left an impression with her fervor, diligence and fearlessness. In each position, she has fought for the status of interior architecture and the conditions of interior architects. Our honorary member has extended the room of interior architects.”

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Our interviews about the Déjà Vu Design Exhibibtion

Two of the seminar speakers, Swedish design journalists Ingrid Sommar and Susanne Helgeson, have separately highlighted the fact that despite the majority of today´s design students being women.

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