Déjà Vu

Design themes

over the ages

6th of February TO 4th of APRIL 2018

Showcasing how design themes recur over the years – inspiring young designers to create new furniture for their own time.

Furniture design has evolved from originality to uniformity. Production has become more generic and new releases from different designers and producers are now harder to separate from other similar design objects. This has a harmful effect that can, down the line, impoverish the design culture. To get inspired is one thing but to outright copy design is another. All designers need role models. Good design doesn’t spring from a vacuum. To interpret design from older generations can expand and evolve the previous design. To do this, unique forward-thinking trades needs to be added, a new dimension that gives the design a new refreshing identity.

During the winter of 2018, Möbeldesignmuseum (the Museum of Furniture Studies) displayed selected objects from the collection that showed recurrent design themes and trends over that last century - Designs that’s been directly or indirectly inspired by other older furniture to create something new and truly pioneering. How materials, techniques & aesthetics have been used to create new products in their own right. The exhibition includes examples of furniture designed as playful references, or in homage, without resorting to irrelevant excesses or soulless imitations.

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Our articles about the exhibition
November 23,2017
Guest speakers
Kersti Sandin Bülow & Lars Bülow

The opening of the museum

On a Thursday evening in November 2017, the Museum of Furniture Studies - Möbeldesignmuseum, was inaugurated by its founders, Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow, in front of 248 invited guests.

Kersti and Lars spoke about the museum's new home and their ambition to finally establish a design scene in Stockholm: a place for inspiration, education, and development. A neutral platform where academia and industry could meet for studies, discussions, and seminars. Möbeldesignmuseum's mission would be to collect, document, preserve, and develop the European design history.

The evening was cold and rainy. Buses ran back and forth between Frihamnen and the nearest subway station at Östermalmstorg. Guests were offered hot dogs and prosecco, which would illustrate the range of the collection from the everyday, somewhat hidden objects to the well-known international design icons.

Our interviews about the Déjà Vu Design Exhibibtion

Two of the seminar speakers, Swedish design journalists Ingrid Sommar and Susanne Helgeson, have separately highlighted the fact that despite the majority of today´s design students being women.

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