Crafting Authenticity in an Age of Mass Production

October 1, 2023

Nirvan Richter: Crafting Authenticity in an Age of Mass Production

In the ever-evolving world of design, Nirvan Richter stands out as a beacon of authenticity and durability. For over three decades, his brand Norrgavel has been a testament to the true essence of design – where inspiration from legends meets the core value of sustainability. From Swedish folklore to Danish carpentry, delve into the journey of a brand that's championed timelessness and craftsmanship, all under the steadfast vision of its founder.

For just over thirty years, architect and designer Nirvan Richter (b.1954) has been building his own holistic interior company named Norrgavel. Far ahead of others in the design- and furniture industry Richter recognized the importance and the core value of durability.  

When other manufacturers fumblingly began to communicate the importance of using our natural resources sparingly and sensibly, Richter was since long on track.

As a designer Nirvan Richter says he was inspired by a number of personalities and movements: The author Ellen Key (“for the value of beauty”), the artist Carl Larsson (“for everyday life”), Carl Malmsten (“for craftsmanship”), Swedish folklore tradition, 1920s classicism and the ideal of the early modernism. Danish carpentry has also had a great impact on Richter’s work, for example architects and designer such as Kaare Klint, Mogens Koch and Børge Mogensen. 

Like Swedish architects Bruno Mathsson and Yngve Ekström, Richter realized that a prerequisite for running his own uncompromising design line would be to take control of both production and marketing. With this purpose and with the aim of creating furniture with timelessness, presence and honesty Norrgavel was founded in 1991 and has since developed into a strong brand with stores in Sweden and Norway. 

Norrgavel’s furniture and accessories are produced small-scale, from genuine raw materials with proven artisanal methods. Special care is given to surface treatment. Oil, soap or egg-oil tempera give their ranges a surface that withstand wear and tear, age naturally and are easy repairable.  

Norrgavel’s concepts and design are after thirty years still in the hands of the founder, although the company’s practical operations are today run by the next generation Richter.

Read more about Nirvan Richter here.

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