Bruno Mathsson's three seating curves

February 13, 2023

Bruno Mathsson's three seating curves

Bruno Mathsson, a renowned Swedish furniture designer (1907–1988), believed that comfortable seating should be designed as an artless art. He used his own body imprints to create his seating curves and design his popular work, rest, and lounge chairs.

Bruno Mathsson, probably Sweden's most internationally known furniture designer, was obsessed with the mechanics of sitting. He formulated his theories in the following way:

“Comfortable sitting is an art, which it should not be. Instead, seating furniture should be designed with such art that sitting in them would not be an art. ”

In order to perfect his seating designs, Mathsson used an unusual method. He buried himself in a pile of snow and used his own body imprints as a starting point for creating his seating curves. This method allowed him to create three types of chairs: the work chair, the rest chair, and the lounge chair.

Mathsson's designs were not only comfortable, but also affordable for the average consumer, making them a popular choice for many people. When Mathsson began advertising in the Form Magazine in 1936, he primarily focused on promoting his lounge chair. It was offered for forty-five kronor, and a complementary reading table could be purchased for twenty-five kronor.

Overall, Mathsson's focus on comfort and his innovative approach to techniques, materials and design helped revolutionize the furniture industry. His designs have been manufactured since the 1930s and continue to be admired and sought after to this day.

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