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24th of April TO 26th of September 2021

An exhibition showing dramatic changes - from rebellious design to environmental awareness and simple utility furniture.

Swedish furniture and interior design culture went through dramatic changes during the 1970s. The effects of the late 60’s rebellious view of design, production, and consumption had an impact in the form of freer furnishings and resource-efficient furniture in simpler materials. Companies like Coop, IKEA & Innovator were expanding at a rapid pace. But hard times were soon to become the normality. 1973 was the year of the oil crisis.

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In Sweden, the rationing of fuel and energy was introduced. The industry ended up in a recession, the producing companies became fewer and larger. The number of Swedish furniture manufacturers decreased by over 70% in ten years. Those who rationalized their production had the greatest chance of survival. Furniture carpenters became machinists & chipboard replaced solid wood. Sweden had plenty of forest raw material and in the mid-1970s, rustic pine furniture suddenly became the highest fashion.

Interior design for the rapidly growing public environment gave assignments to a generation of furniture and interior designers and nourishment for the quality-oriented furniture industry. Some of today’s leading furniture brands developed strongly during the 1970s and more and more Swedish furniture companies cracked the code for international business. Exports grew from 250 to 1500 million sek in ten years.

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September 13,2021
Exhibition shown in the virtual tour
1970s - High And Low In Furniture Design

The museum goes virtual

Experience the full extent of the world of design furniture through our brand new virtual tour of the museum.

Get a chance to digitally walk around and explore our vast archive & exhibition space which contains an impressive collection of over 600 pieces of design furniture. This is a great opportunity for design enthusiasts and professionals alike, to discover new designs, inspirations and talents from the comfort of their own homes.Immerse yourself in our collection of over 600 pieces of unique and innovative designs. Take a stroll through our full archive and exhibition space, all from the comfort of your own home.

What's more exciting is that, by clicking on the information icons strategically placed around the museum, visitors will have access to in-depth information about some of our most unique and exclusive pieces. Join us on an exciting journey of inspiration, creativity and imagination today, and explore the diversity and richness of design furniture through our virtual tour.

Our interviews about the 1970s High & Low in furniture Design

Two of the seminar speakers, Swedish design journalists Ingrid Sommar and Susanne Helgeson, have separately highlighted the fact that despite the majority of today´s design students being women.

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