Current & past exibitions

The gallery, within the museum, houses various specialist exhibitions that address issues relating to the contents of the collection – focusing on a particular material or technique, or a selected era, or a special exhibition on the work and creative process of a particular designer. The museum will provide seminars and workshops offering opportunities to define and discuss quality and aesthetics from various angles.


1980s - A new era in furniture design

(5 February - 25 September 2019)

1980s, a new era in international and nordic furniture design. The museum highlights the breakthrough of postmodernism and its impact on furniture design, both internationally and within the Nordic region.


Braided & Laced

(27 September - 16 December 2018)

This themed exhibition at the Museum of Furniture Studies shows how braiding and lacing techniques have been used in furniture design and production from the late 19th century until today.

Déjà vu- design themes over the ages

(6 February - 12 September 2018)

Starting at Stockholm Design Week, the Museum of Furniture Studies will be highlighting items in its collection that show how interesting features and design themes recur over the years.