About the museum

Photo taken by Leo Bülow

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800 pieces of design furnitures by over 300 designers

The Museum of Furniture Studies, opened in February 2018, is based on the private collection of Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. This comprehensive collection has been built up over their 40 years of experience as professional designers and architects and has arisen from a shared interest in Scandinavian and international furniture design.

Their recent roles – Sandin as professor of design and Bülow as company director and design manager in the industry – have given them the insight that the material furniture culture and production need to be experienced and studied in detail by today´s students and professionals. 

With a focus on original designs from a variety of periods and by illustrating the development of functions, materials and techniques, the museum aims to create a platform for the study and development of the furniture of tomorrow.

The aim of the museum is to inspire an interest in the study of furniture. It is targeted mainly at those studying design, architecture and crafts, but will also be of interest to professionals working in these fields and to anyone with a general interest in design.

The items are displayed on shelving in the warehouse in chronological order. The collection reflects developments in form, function, aesthetics, techniques, materials and society and mainly comprises original designs that are characteristic of their time. Pieces are displayed in their original condition, retaining the signs of wear and tear that bear witness to their usage.

A permanent exhibition features a selection of Sandin and Bülow’s own furniture designs produced while acting as designers and architects from 1980 to 2005: these are pieces mainly intended for use in public spaces and which have won awards and been selected for other museum collections.

The gallery houses various specialist exhibitions that address issues relating to the contents of the collection – for example focusing on a particular material or technique, or a selected era, or a special exhibition on the work and creative process of a particular designer. The museum will provide seminars and workshops offering opportunities to define and discuss quality and aesthetics from various angles. The gallery is spacious enough to accommodate large groups, and there is a smaller space alongside for film screenings.

Watch a short video presentation of the museum: